A big part of my job is to create graphics that communicate an event, sermon or feeling.

Canva.com has changed the game and allows me to create custom graphics easy and elegantly.  Check them out here: 

If your church doesn’t have a resident Graphic Designer on staff this is a great tool to create graphics that don’t look like Clip Art from the 1980s.  Trust me, you don’t need to be a photoshop pro at all!

I love sharing my graphic design gift and so I created a few custom images for my blog readers for the Advent and Christmas Holiday.  Please feel free to download them and use them!

Facebook Cover Images


Download Here: 



Download Here: 


Instagram Image

Digital Church Project Free Christmas Image Instagram

Created by Carmen Williams

Download Here: 

Other Image Inspirations I found Across the Internet:

Image from: http://forkedriverpres.org

Image from: http://forkedriverpres.org






Image from Creation Swap



Resources Used:

  • Places to find images: Creation Swap (Free Stock Images) and iStock Photo
  • Canva.com (to create Images)

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