carmen the digital church projectHi there, thanks so much for stopping by my internet space!


I’m Carmen, a digital media + communications pro based in New York City.

I teach non-profit organizations, churches, business owners and individuals how to build websites, create videos or launch a social media presence.

I absolutely love what I do!

This blog was born out of my work as a Digital Manager for my local church and my studies as a seminary student.  I graduated from Union Theological Seminary in May 2014 with a Master of Divinity Degree.  I also hold a Master of Science degree (with a specialization in Digital Media) from Columbia University. I’m excited that I will publish my first book “The Digital Church Project” in March 2015.  It will encompass much of what I talk about on this blog and more! 

Lastly, drawing on theology,  technology and my years of experience on Wall-Street, the {DCP} provides tips, content, research and best practices that can help a local parish or church move from the analog stage to the digital age. I hope you stop by and visit me weekly. 


Quick Biography:


  • Travel hacking!  I visited 5 countries in 2014 because of it.
  • Reading. Lots and lots of reading
  • Teaching
  • Planning big bashments and events for my large circle of awesome friends
  • Cuddling


  • Florida A&M University, B.S and M.B.A.
  • Columbia University, M.S. in Journalism/Digital Media
  • Union Theological Seminary / M.Div.

Work Experience:

  • Finance Manager, large 500 companies and a start-up company
  • Web Designer, Freelance
  • Video Producer and Editor, Freelance
  • Communications & Digital Media Manager, Non-profit organization

Projects I’ve worked on or designed:



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