How did it start out?

When I inherited the ‘announcements’ part of my job I was very overwhelmed. The process for receiving announcement requests looked like this:

Old Announcements procedure


The problem with this process was that it wasn’t really a process.  Announcements were something we tacked on at the end of service.   Most events and programming are central to a church and are INVITATIONS TO COMMUNITY and should be treated with that level of importance.  With that in mind, a new way to do announcements was crafted.


What were the next steps?

The next steps were actually initiated by our Pastor.  He had the great idea that we should audition a “Voice Announcer”… folks who would let the congregation know about what was happening in our community from week to week.

Having a Voice Announcer solved two problems: it stopped on the spot platform announcements (from every ministry who had an event coming up) and it signaled a time during service that gave space to the events and ‘invitations to community.’

After a few months of the Voice going off with a hitch I put together an announcement proposal called Live in 5 Plan.

This plan had the crazy goals of

1) taking our announcements to video format

2) under 5 minutes and

3) only 5 announcements; a huge task for a 8,000+ member church.

What’s beyond this?

Over the next few blog posts I’ll be taking you through the step-by-step process I created to get us to Video Announcements.

1. Centralize Announcement Requests

2. Figure out Technical and People Resources

3. Auditions? Yea or Nay?

4. Write the Script

5. Tape and Edit

6. Video Promos and Platform Announcements

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