*This is also Part 1 Of the “Upgrading to Video Announcements Series*

1. Decide what needs to be communicated.

Church announcements are essential to the body the church.

I believe that every announcement should be an invitation into the local church community and the body of Christ.

But, just because every announcement is an invitation doesn’t mean that every announcement should be communicated in the same way.

Chuck Scoggins outlined how you can decide what gets to be communicated on Sunday.  I couldn’t have drawn it better myself.

Image Credit: Chuck Scoggins

Image Credit: Chuck Scoggins

2. Automate the Announcement Submission Process

When I inherited the Announcements Process it went something like this:

  • Ministry or programming coordinator sent an email attachment form to our announcements email box asking if they could squeeze their event into the bulletin for this Sunday. Boy, talk about Emergency, emergency, emergency!!!!
  • A gazillion emails were sent back and forth about deadlines, timelines and graphics.

It was a clunky process. Scratch that, it wasn’t even a process.

And since I don’t like to be owned by my E-Mail box I decided to take the submissions process online.

Using jotform.com I created an online form and set-up a few guidelines.  Jotform is an easy, free online portal that can help you get started.

  • Submissions had to be in at least 14 days before the event
  • Not all announcements could be communicated via platform announcements

This one step cut my announcement processing time down to only an hour per week and got rid of email clutter.

On a weekly basis, I download the form entries and input them into Weekly Announcement Tracker (more info coming on this soon).

To determine if an announcement was submitted on time I created a simple formula in the Announcement Tracker.  Where is my Announcement Now, ONLY if the entry doesn’t make the cut-off will I email them back and tell them it won’t make it for that week.

I use Google Drive Spreadsheets to Track the announcements, and use a simple IF Formula (see image) to calculate what will run.


We’ve since moved on to Wufoo.com (Check out our announcement form for some inspiration here).  It’s comparable to jotform with a few more bells and whistles.


3.  Consider Video Announcements

Once you’ve automated the announcement process and decided what will be communicated each Sunday, consider HOW the congregation will learn about what’s going on in your church community.

The first option could be simple platform announcements, you could also consider shooting video announcements each week or outsourcing it to a church video announcement company.

From what I’ve researched, the cost of using a Church Video Company can range from $300 a month to $300 per week.


Resource List for this Post:

  • Google Drive
  • Jotform.com (to create forms)
  • Google Forms (can also be used to create forms)
  • Wufoo.com (t0 create forms)
  • http://chuckscoggins.com/blog/




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