The Ultimate List of Things Needed for Video Announcements:

I’m a little obsessed with “The Profit” on CNBC. The show is hosted by Marcus Lemonis, a millionaire wonder-kid ,who knows how to turn failing businesses into bustling businesses.

When he’s scouting a business and the genesis of their problems he knows it comes down to one of these 3 basic elements being out of whack:

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Product (Technology)

The same rules apply to any plan or project you’re launching for your local church.

When launching Video announcements you will need to have the people in place, a process to put announcements together and the technology to get it all done.

But this doesn’t mean you need the most expensive resources to make this happen. Not at all.



At the minimum: You will need an Announcer, Videographer, and Video editor.

At the maximum: You will need a Technical director & sound guy if you’re fancy


My process goes like this:

  • Using my communications process I download announcement requests from our Wufoo form and create a script in Google drive
  • Send script to Live in 5 Production Coordinator.
  • Coordinator schedules announcers for the week and sends them the script.

On taping day:

I print out a copy of the script for reference, set up our make shift studio which includes the background and lighting, grab the memory card; microphone flag and then we start the show. (Sample Script Here) 


Set Considerations: Will you tape outside in natural light or inside? We  do both. In the summer we tape outside and in the winter we tape inside using a green screen and lighting kit.   (The kit we use is this).  If you want to cut costs, I would start with taping outside using the church exterior as the background or even a park nearby.

If you’re set on having an in house set you don’t have to invest so much in lighting.  For example, the folks over a Wistia show you how to hack a lighting kit here: .    Wistia also shows us that you don’t need a fancy camera. They used an iPhone to create some pretty smashing video.


Essential tools for video Announcements

  • Camera: Our cameras are 10 years old, but still do the trick.
  • Video Conversion: We use Adobe Primer
  • Memory Card: Standard Memory card
  • Lighting Kit: Listed above
  • Video Editing: I use Apple iMovie
  • Script: Text Document in Google Docs
  • Microphone: We use two of our choir mics along with a wireless microphone kit.


What about Voiceover Announcements?

It may be easier to start with voiceover announcements, and many of the same tools apply.

  • Voice Over Equipment: Use voice memo on your phone
  • Video editor: iMovie or Final Cut pro
  • Script Sharing: Google Drive
  • Motion graphics: Creation Swap
  • Benchmark: A good benchmark for Voice Over Announcements is Greater Allen Cathedral


If you’re new to this, consider doing this in steps:

  1. Step one: One person reads platform announcements
  2. Step two: Upgrade to Voice Over announcements after you’ve did some runs with the platform announcements and figured out bugs and issues.
  3. Last step: Move to video announcements once you’ve mastered voice over announcements.

If you move into this slowly and troubleshoot all of the potential problems at each step, by the time you get to the Video announcements things will run smoothly.


Resource Links:

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Down and Dirty Lighting Kit:  via Wistia  

Shooting Video with an iPhone:  via Wistia

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