As I mentioned previously, our video announcements started with just a simple Voice Team reading announcements from our sound booth. While the announcer, of The Voice, was reading we would cue the flyer or slide that corresponded with the announcement.  This was a simple process, except for that one Sunday when the announcer read the wrong announcements.

The recruitment for an announcement team is pretty easy.  Once you make the announcement request you’ll see there are tons of folks who would love to serve the church with their voice.

We’ve had a few recruitment rounds that go a bit like this:

1) Recruitment Announcement (Sample): 

Do you have an amazing voice? / Is being on camera your thing?  / Well,  you’re invited to our Voice Team auditions / On Thursday, March 23rd at 7PM join us for auditions / Sign-up at this link:

2) Sent those who sign-up a sample script to memorize

I used a Google drive form to capture sign-ups and sent those interested a sample script via Google Docs 

3) Scheduled Auditions and an audition guide and Rubric to pick the strongest voices.  

Unfortunately everyone who attends the auditions will not be prepared or a good fit for the role.   You’ll have to let them down easily and with a lot of humility.  Everyone can’t get a “yes” so think it will look like to tell a volunteer and member of your church family ‘no.’


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